Enterprise Architecture Initiative

Overarching problem


Two days of mapping and creating a user flow to target one of GCP's most common problem: Proliferation of Billing Accounts.

The problem

The Executive Level wanted

Up until 2019 GCP customers weren't equipped with billing tools e.g. billing account overview, reporting, credits, pricing etc. so they could understand their cloud spend.

In order to get to this understanding, customers started creating more billing accounts and associate their projects to those billing account in order to slice & dice & filters, and its extreme, export their data to external tools so they could analyze their spend even more (although it does make sense to do so if you're trying to consolidate multiple cloud providers costs e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure)

This of course solved a problem but at the same time created multiple other problems:

  • Problem #1: When a Google Cloud Salesperson is contacted by a customer they don't always know which account is in context so they could associate the newly purchased services with it.

  • Problem #2: When a customer signs a custom deal with GCP, the Operations team often associate the undesired billing account to the custom deal.

  • Problem #3: When a customer creates a new billing account they would normally break numerous settings such as Permissions, Security, Networking and a lot more.

The Challenge

  • Google Cloud is consisted of 120+ different systems, 200+ teams 10,000+ employees.

  • Collaboration is high but with this amount of people it's impossible to keep track of everything that is happening around you.

  • Teams have quarterly / annual goals, adding more efforts to these teams puts a lot of pressure on their delivery goals.


  • The outcome from the two days workshop, was an enormous users flows getting us closer what would a data model would look like.

  • When Salespeople get a lead for a potential sale, they are able to keep track of who's is the real customer behind that voice and to be able to claim this sale to their quarterly bonus and compensations.